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About Us

GMHC was established in the year 2016 with the motto to Conceive, Design & Develop; to manufacture and market Innovative medical devices of finest quality for common people.Today GMHC  manufactures almost 10 types of products serving the needs of common people. The products include Implants as well as Disposables. All of the products of our company are certified by EN ISO 2021 certification Quality Commitment As an Industry leader, We have taken the initiative to implement quality control system that are strictly enforced in both our manufacturing and distribution facilities. GMHC has various ISO and CE accreditation.

Be all free from Disease and Sufferings

The USP of GMHC has been to innovate Medical Devices of first quality for common people. Today GMHC is well known by plenty of doctors all around the Globe‚ and we are proud of our company to make relationship with the thousands of doctors around the World.

GMHC envision itself as a leading company in creating innovative quality surgical products for the global population without compromising with its business values & principles. The aim of GMHC  is to assist the medical world with the best of its ability and calibre. And have an abiding desire to excel in services for providing medical equipments and supplies worldwide.

Exploring new horizons in the world of fine medical devices by integration and constant enhancement of our existing potential in product design, quality, cost & supply for the extreme delight of client.


Medical Equipment at Home

Quality equipment comes home with expert.

Home Health Care

Provide medical expert and attendant in home.

Mobility Care

All types of beds & wheelchairs, Special mattresses, Commode chair, Raised Toilet Seats, Bed Side Railings.


Monitors, Infusion, Syringe Pump, IV Stand, Nebulizer, Pulse Oximetry, Cuff Monometer, Flow Meter, DVT Pump, EDVT Stockings.

COPD (Respiratory Care)

Bipap, Cpap, Avaps, Trilogy Ventilator, Vivo 50 Ventilator, O2 Concentrators, O2 Cylinders, Portable concentrators, Suction Machine, Oxygen cylinder refilling, Accessories, Masks, Cylinder Trolley, Negative Wound Therepy

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